Our expert lash artists conduct thorough consultations with every client to help determine what length, curl, and shape would best suit the client’s eyes, taking into consideration both your style preference and the current health of your natural eyelashes. 

Our technicians take exceptional pride in maintaining a high standard of hygiene and professional application as well as proper technique. The application procedure is so relaxing that most clients even fall asleep. 

Many wake up stunned and amazed to see how gorgeous their new lashes look because we work every set to perfection. We promise you will love your new and improved lashes, we are confident that the results will speak for themselves! 

We are located in Rozelle, just short drive from city central.


Our goal is to have you leaving each appointment with a FULL SET each and every time! Unlimited lashes applied. No lash counting here, just as many lashes as time allows!

Our services include Russian Volume lashes, Hybrid lashes, Classic lashes, Lash lift and eyebrow threading and tinting.

volume full set
Volume lashes
Classic lashes
Classic lashes
hybrid lashes
Hybrid lashes
lash lift sydney
Lash Lift

Regardless of the lash set you choose YOUR NATURAL LASH HEALTH IS OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. 

We work with you to pick the most appropriate set to achieve your ideal look without overburdening your natural lashes.




We welcome you into our Lash Paradise, GLOW Lash Studio, where you can rest assured that your natural lashes are being taken care of in the hands of a highly trained and skilled Lash Artists who live, eat and breathe lashes!